Quick Lash Curler ER

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Quick Lash Curler ER

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Perfect long-lasting curl, for lashes that won’t droop!!! Our hugely popular Quick Lash Curler is now available in a easy remove formula♥ Simple! Comes off with warm water! Boosts lash curl and keeps it in place!!! ● Keeps lashes looking perky for hours on end. ● Ideal for those who suffer from stubbornly downward-pointing lashes and curl droop! Stands up to water, sweat, tears, humidity and sebum! ● Waterproof formulation is highly resistant to water, tears, sweat and humidity. ● Resistant to sebum, preventing your mascara from bleeding onto your eyelids. Including beaytifying agents ●Sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing agent) ●HOW TO USE As a base (1) Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. (2) Apply this product with a sweeping motion up from the roots of your lashes. (3) Apply your usual mascara. Helpful if your mascara tends to weigh your lashes down♥

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